Business Value Oriented Principles Institute

Why do you offer such low-priced certificates and why are there even free certificates?

We believe everyone deserves an affordable start to their career. We also want to provide the new knowledge and principles to as many professionals as possible and organizations to start accepting and implementing them. We have a special mission to influence world-wide in the long run.

How easy can I get a certificate?

Obtaining a certificate is not easy. You must be prepared very well. Deep knowledge of all sections of the BVOP Ultimate Guide is required.

What is the professional level of the BVOP certification programs?

Advanced level. But you have to understand that this is a new, modern and innovative program, a way of thinking and a model of management of organizations, people, projects and products. The Chief Executives and Program directors certification requires knowledge of the entire BVOP Ultimate Guide. Other certification programs (like the Project Management Certification and the Product management certification) are more specialized, but also require knowledge in other areas. This is part of the strategy for creating solid and advanced professionals.

How to acquire a BVOP certificate?

First you need an account. Make a payment for your selected certification program to book the promotional price. Learn the BVOP Ultimate Guide. Run the assessment test. You will have two attempts. Chief Executives and Program directors certifications require further answers to questions and topics written and video presentations.

What is the period of validity of the certificates?

Certificates are indefinite and are not limited to expiration date. To prove your professionalism and knowledge-building, each certificate is tied to knowledge points. You can increase the number of your knowledge points in the future.

What are the knowledge points?

Points of knowledge are like your grades on different subjects. If you acquire a certificate your development process is not over. You can increase the number of knowledge points by requesting additional short assessment tests.